Empowering digital practices for Black History Month

Life for any individual of color turned to be seemingly hard during the year of 2016. From continuous police brutality, killings without consequences, and crazy political shenanigans that drove us all up the wall. It is now a new year, and today marks a new month: Black History Month! I am overjoyed to share some tips and guides to keep Black History at the forefront on social media. I am also delighted to share ways you can further engage and constantly voice your thoughts and use your voice for change.

After Donald Trump issued a statement that refused to acknowledge the 6 million Jews slaughtered by Nazi Germany during the 1940s on International Holocaust Remembrance Day Friday, black America should prepare ourselves for the many changes and challenges we may continue to face in this country. However, on the first day of February, we have much to celebrate. The power in embracing our beauty this Black History Month and beyond is not only empowering- but also so necessary.


How to Engage with #BHM on Social Media

#BlackHistoryMonth: February 1 kicks off Black History Month, which started in 1926 to celebrate the February birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. It became officially recognized by the US government in 1976. Twitter has given the hashtag its own custom emoji, with three fists in different shades. On the trending topic, people are tweeting iconic moments in Black history, with poet Langston Hughes and sculptor Edmonia Lewis (Who is is also featured as today's Google doodle) also claiming trending spots on Twitter.

According to digital trends, Twitter is launching its very own bot to mark the start of Black History Month. Users can interact with the bot by starting a conversation with @blackbirds via direct message. The bot will immediately ask you to enter “home” in the message field. Next, a number of options will appear at the bottom of the display, each with a short description, relating to different topics. Tapping an option will result in the bot replying with a written message, GIF, tweet, or external link.

Why does the Black Birds Twitter Bot Matter?

The Black Birds Bot will give all users

historical facts and insights about the

struggles and successes alike of Black Americans

without the 140 Character limit.

And I just love their pinned tweet- which explains who they are at the core.

What happens when you Direct Message hashtag phrases to @BlackBirds ?

"Today in #BlackHistory"



There’s also #SelfCare, which offers wellness tips in the form of positive tweets from black American Twitter users; and #ForThe Culture, a GIF party, powered by GIPHY, celebrating black American cultural icons. Each option includes its very own emoji-activated hashtag, with Twitter also relaunching its #BlackHistoryMonth and #BHM emoji for users to add to tweets.

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